March 29, 2023

Appliances: more and more people prefer to repair their appliances

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Consumers will soon be given an incentive to repair their washing machines or cell phones.
Repair rather than throw away. In times of crisis, everyone is getting involved. There are no small savings. In an appliance repair store, the work doesn’t stop. You have to know how to do everything. According to David Launette, technician, it is often a lack of maintenance because people do not read the instructions for use. The professional has also noticed an evolution of mentalities to give a second life to household appliances.

The reparability index comes into play
“There has been an awareness, for the last five years it seems, especially on the younger generation. We didn’t have that before”, thinks Laurent David, CTER manager. The public authorities have boosted the trend with the appearance of a new label: the reparability index. For consumers, price should no longer be the only criterion for buying an appliance.