May 28, 2023

Nine killed in tanker truck explosion near Johannesburg

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Nine people were killed and 40 injured in a gas tanker truck explosion in Boksburg, about 40 kilometers east of Johannesburg, South Africa, local emergency services said today.

The truck became trapped early this morning under a bridge near a hospital and homes.

“We received a call around 07:50. The firefighters went to put out a fire. Unfortunately, the truck then exploded,” William Ntladi, a spokesman for the local emergency services, told AFP.

Amateur videos circulating on social media show a huge fireball exploding under the bridge, presumably the truck was too tall to pass under the bridge.

The vehicle was filled with 60,000 liters of LPG gas, used in ovens and stoves, and was arriving from the southeast of the country, the emergency services spokesman said, adding that the driver, who was injured, had been hospitalized.

Of the 40 injured, 19 are in serious condition, 15 others are seriously injured but in a stable condition.

Six firefighters were non-seriously injured, the spokesman said.